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Parents ChildrenParents should meditate with their children, and adults, in general, together with young people. Kids, and I mean male and female, are able to meditate alone, but if they are led, they clearly find it more harmonious and are able to consciously integrate the dimension of meditation in their everyday work. It isn’t an unknown topic, many are bringing it forward, and even if in some countries it’s absolutely forbidden, in the rest of the world, these things are already happening.

In India, for example, meditation takes place in class when at school, and in kindergarten too; but above all it takes place at home. Being the homeland of meditation, India has a very high number of people who meditate daily, and children do it together with their parents. If we move, predominantly in Asia, and visit a Buddhist country, we also find people having meditation as one of their daily activities, both parents and children. Children are thus able to cultivate this state of inner silence, relaxation and peace of mind, and carry it out throughout the day and life itself, generating a small space every day to stop everything.

As we know, to meditate is to enter into a state of inner peace in which there is no mental activity; mental activity that is commonly coupled to an emotional one, which is consequently coupled to a physical one.

When we are consciously motionless inside us, we simply are in a dimension of being, we are merely turned on, and we just live without any crucial activity that is taking place. This makes sure that all the rest of our subsisting systems, and especially the physical, mental and emotional ones, relax and rest.

Teaching meditation to children is easy and fast. They are innately drawn to this state of being and do not need to sit for an hour, or more, as it is necessary for adults, to reach it. Children sit for ten minutes, recharge completely, and then take off as rockets to the next play. We adults, to be able to return to a level where we are once again quiet and stable – because at peace – need more time.

Those who meditate, you can talk to any practicing friends or acquaintances you may have, they’ll all tell you that such a state of inner peace, stillness and silence is extremely pleasant; perhaps even the most pleasant by far. That’s the absolute, and it is more pleasant than any other activity. That’s why they continue to practice it.

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