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The Worst Thing Parents Can Do to Their Child

The Worst Thing Parents Can Do to Their ChildThe worst thing parents can do to their child is love them too much. They say love is blind, and it surely is. Too much loves blurs things. It is hard to see a wrong where is love is concerned. This case is similar to that of an overly adored and dotted child. The parent tends to disregard the necessity of correcting trespasses of such a child because they don’t want to hurt their feelings.

• Children raised without a clear distinction of what is right from wrong grow up as bullies and are less famous among their peers. Such a child has a low tolerance to complete intolerance of other people opinion, portraying them as arrogant and ill- mannered.

• Teachers also tend to hate and pick on this type of child. They treat them indifferently from other kids. They are less likely to be asked questions in class, and this interferes with the child participation to class events. As a result, their overall academic performance is affected. One thing teachers hate is an indifferent child. A less settled child who is negatively over hyper is a complete turn off to the teacher.

• Children are sharp beings. They can identify a weakness fast and take advantage of it. Once they realize that you love them too much to punish them, they will make endless mistakes. They will shame you when and where you least expect. They will broadcast your incompetency to others and cross other peoples’ lines. Their attitude and general view of life are corrupt.

• It’s not bad to love your kid. But remember to filter the love. Have a keen eye for the child’s behavior and attitude as they grow up. Teach them right and make them morally upright individual in the future. Correcting mistakes does not make you weak. It is a show of strength and that you believe in your child. Do not let mistakes build up. Punish, correct or discipline each mistake when it occurs. Yes, there are times you forgive but only those committed unintentionally. Make the mode of disciplinary a learning period but not a field to come back to. Let the child realize that repeating a mistake is not a smart thing. Help them understand life.

Love your baby as much as possible. Discipline them when necessity calls. Listen to them but do not bow to their demands. Let them understand that love and discipline is a pack given as one. Remember that you are the parent, the grown-up, the one who has seen it all. But don’t overstep to the extent of dominating your child’s life. Let them make the decision and you are the one to guide them in achieving the set goals. Good luck to you, your child, and your skills in parenting.

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