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What Mothers Go Through When Daycare Is Their Only Option

DaycareWhen parents have to work and do not have an extended family to help pick up the slack, putting their children in a daycare becomes the only variable option. This rings particular true for single parents.

If you are the fortunate few and have parents that are retired and can care for your infant or toddler, you may never have to place you child in the any type of daycare, or home-care.

There are mothers who, three months after giving birth return to work to non-standard hours. They do not work a 9 to 5, which means they must place their children in a 24-hour day-care. Placing their infant in the care of strangers devastates most mothers. The guilt and fear with having to work and consequently having to place their infant in a childcare facility gnaws at their hearts. They observe events and people in their lives, see, and hear of at home mothers and in the back of their minds, they long for the privilege of staying at home with their children. However, life’s reality pushes them on to their daily jobs and thrusts their infant straight into the care of others.

Toddlers in daycare get potty trained take their first steps and learn to feed themselves as their mothers trek off to work. These mothers, who miss so much, often ponder of ways to make millionaires so that they can be home with their child to experience the first steps, to do the training that the day-cares in an unwritten contractual agreement do for their children. This reality can be harsh but what can a mother do when daycare is her only option.

While they work, many parents try to get friends and distant family members to care for their children. Some mothers try home-care in hopes that their children can have as close to home environment as possible. But friends at times go on vacation or just get tired of caring for an infant, a toddler, a pre-schooler and suggest that other arrangements be made. Distant families often make unwanted suggestions on the care of the child. They ignore the mothers’ restrictions and disregard their established personal hygiene. Consequently, disagreements arise, resentment sets in and quietly mothers begin to make other arrangement s for the caring of their children. At home-care can be just as unsettling, due to poor hygiene, unsafe and unreliable care. Your only option is daycare. How can mothers make the most of this unwelcome care?

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